Non-duality can be described as the understanding that everything is an expression of one source: that which we are in our deepest core. The term, also called advaita in Sanskrit, literally means ‘not two’. This insight breaks the illusion of opposites: the distinction between body and mind, the border between the universe and ourselves. Everything is intrinsically connected.

When our true nature reveals itself, our relationship with the world is transformed into a tribute to life. An existence with room for authenticity, sensitivity and creativity. Peace and harmony are recognized as the source from which all wells up.

Different approaches support each other and fit together like gears.

The Way of Insight

Through questioning and dialogue, we investigate the deep-seated convictions that sustain our belief in discord. In this self-examination, we make use of ancient knowledge traditions such as Dzogchen and Advaita Vedanta. Layer after layer, we untangle the knot, so our mind settles and we can achieve clarity.

The Way of the Body

In a culture that is focused on thinking, feeling is often overlooked. Yet everyone knows the desire to experience complete relaxation and openness.

In this approach, we address our sensory awareness. The subtle body is awoken with sound, breathing, meditation and visualization. We bring our body to pure listening. The different layers of contraction unfold without any psychological intervention. Entrenched energies can flow freely again and dissolve in openness.

The body carries the qualities of its source within. Through this way, it can return to its authentic expression.

Only the timeless in me
can awaken the timeless in you.
— J. Klein

The Way of Connection

A study into the meaning of a relationship. How do we fulfil our desire for a profound meeting with the other? How do we bridge our different habits?

The key lies in the non-dual perspective. An insight that leads to an open space in which we can communicate transparently. We can now reconnect through dialogue. Our trapped energy is released and dissolves in the whole.

The Way of Art

In daily life, our senses usually serve objective reality. However, experience and practice of art can awaken a certain sensibility. A sensory receptivity to a more multidimensional world.  We are immersed in a timeless experience with a combination of sound, colour, rhythm and form.

In a direct manner, art evokes emotions. It expresses not only beauty and love, but also the unnameable reality of our existence. It’s a serenade to our true nature. Art heals the wound of the split self.