Frequency Therapy

Frequency therapy utilizes sound vibrations to enhance our physical and mental wellbeing. This method takes place in the field of energy medicine.

The Hindu concept of life force plays a central role in this therapy. This vital power flows through our subtle body via a network of channels (nadis), junctions (chakras) and layers (auras): a dynamic energy system in which cells, tissues and organs can communicate with each other as well as with the outside world, using vibrational frequencies. 

These vibrations are disturbed when we experience chronic or acute symptoms. Obstructions can be traced by targeted and precise listening. During a treatment, the principle of resonance is used to harmonize: sound vibrations remind the cells of their original state. This enables the life force to flow freely again.

Different sound treatments are employed during a session, such as phonophoresis (the use of tuning forks), singing bowl therapy and the sound bed. These methods are complemented by traditional musical instruments: the harp, the koto, the monochord, various flutes and the voice. More information can be found on this page.

individual session

An individual session is preceded and/or followed by an open conversation in which we look at obstacles in our energetic structure. A tailored treatment is developed based on these insights.

Duration: 75 minutes.

session for duos

For couples, relatives or friends that want to experience their relationship in a unique way. As a celebration of being together: a session for pure enjoyment.

Or as a journey. In a sound session, the openness to look at rigid patterns arises. It provides room for honest communication and the opportunity to reconnect. A family constellation (based on the model of Bert Hellinger) with singing bowls unveils the hidden dynamics of a relationship. A powerful tool on the way to wholeness.

Duration: 90 minutes.

group session

A relaxing sound experience or meditation for groups. This session can take place on location: as a living room concert, at companies or during a ceremony.

end-of-life care

A sound springs from silence and returns to it. During end-of-life care, music can be supportive for the dying as well as their loved ones. It can form a place where life and death meet.

individual session for children

With stories, sounds and movements, children are guided to a peaceful place within themselves. A relaxing session in a safe, warm environment.

Duration: 40 minutes.

workshop for children

A workshop with sound and music for elementary schools or children events. In a playful manner, the children’s concentration gets enhanced and self-knowledge is increased. The following themes get addressed:

  • breathing
  • directing attention
  • sensory awareness
  • the five elements
  • an exploration of the energy body
  • the physical structure